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treatment in istanbul

treatment in istanbul

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According to a recent study from “Patient Beyond Border” - 2013, Turkey is among the top 10 medical tourism destinations.

The number of international patients is increasing every year. It is estimated that with 15% annual growth, more than 270,000 international patients visited Turkey for medical treatment in 2013. It is also estimated that 91% of the patients received treatment at private hospitals and clinics.

Modern medicine, which gives new hope to the people every day with emerging technologies, renewed techniques and skillful doctors, is another sector Turkey is successful in. Indeed, health tourism is a rapidly developing field in this country.

Medical tourism, thermal tourism and tourism for the elderly and disabled are the sub-types of health tourism offered in Turkey. Hospitals provide medical care in many branches of medicine and welcome patients from all over the world. Turkey, well known for its skillful and successful doctors and application of newest treatment methods, provides all the necessary health care options for its patients.

Turkey, where you can find better opportunities of health care and spend your holiday at the same time, is at your service with a range of hospitals and medical centers.