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Step by Step Guide

Step by Step Guide

1: How to start?Please feel free to contact us either by e-mail or by filling up the enquiry form. Our staff will contact you within 24 hours to provide all the necessary information you need. We know that taking the first step is the hardest part to start your dental treatments. Therefore we would like to inform you about the costs and procedure before making any decision. Our philosophy is based on the maintenance and preservation of your natural teeth. Ourstaff do not advise unnecessary treatment. Our approach is to bring back your oral health to perfection with minimally invasive treatment by using advanced technology and materials.

2: Initial assessment based on recent panoramic x-rayIn order to offer you an initial assessment we kindly ask you to forward your panoramic x-ray and dental reports or treatment plans from your own dentist (if possible) either by e-mail or by post. Please make sure that your x-ray is not older than 3 months. How to send panoramic x-ray. We would like to inform you that as the initial assessment is based only on your x.ray, it can be finalized and change to an actual treatment plan after your personal consultation. If you are satisfied with the assessment and ready to start your treatment, your personal coordinator will help you to arrange your visit to Esthetic Laser Dental Clinic. Please click here for further inforamtion

3: Treatment plan based on personal consultationOur personalised treatment plans are derived from careful examinations and personal dialogue between you and the dentist or specialist, who fully informs you about the treatment processes and the different options available. You will always be able to make fully considered and educated decisions. If you would like to visit our clinic without any previous assessment from our dentists, please inform our customer care staff either by e-mail or by phone about the date of your arrival and your appointment preference regarding the day and the time. All information provided are treated confidentially and used only in connection with your treatment.

4: Travel ArrangementsAfter having read and accepted your individual treatment plan the next step is to organise your travel on the previously agreed dates. If you have no time, no routine or just simply do not wish to waste your time on your travel arrangements, we can help you to book your accommodation and arrange your airport transfer. In this case, please provide your flight details and your preferences regarding the accommodation.

5: Leisure timeİstanbul is a beautiful city with spectacular buildings, amazing scenery and interesting programmers. Depending on your treatment and schedule you might have the opportunity to discover either İstanbul or any other part of the country. As Esthetic Laser Dental Clinic will be provided a personal coordinator from the beginning, you can be sure that he or she will help you to arrange sightseeing programs and leisure activities upon request. Our patients are kindly asked to arrive a day earlier for their treatment in order to acclimatise and relax. If any further examinations or procedures are needed before the treatment it can be done at our Clinic in İstanbul . When all conditions are provided and the treatment plan is accepted, your treatment can be started